Its time to get social!

Are you a B2B regularly updating LinkedIn but think Twitter, YouTube and Facebook just aren’t for you? Well, whilst you might not be a candidate for Snapchat or Instagram, here are two good reasons why you should be using social media:

1. Your potential clients are increasingly using mobiles and voice requests with digital assistants like Siri and Cortana. To drive traffic from digital assistants and on mobile devices, semantic search is used – a more accurate search method which determines intent and context from social signals, not just keywords. Google is also updating its algorithms to understand context and any social media signal is important SEO for semantic search (source: Vichienwanitchkul, 2016).

In simple terms, targeted content on your social media pages will drive more relevant traffic to your website.

“Pay attention to your social media channels. While from a branding perspective, some social media channels work better than others, for digital assistants, it would seem all and any social media signal and activity is important.” (source: Vichienwanitchkul, 2016)

2. Your potential clients are searching for visual content including images and videos. Last year the amount of video from people and brands on Facebook’s news feed increased 3.6 times year-over-year (source: Hammett, 2016), making video a key consideration for any content marketing strategy.

Start simply by cross promoting content on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and then you can customise it for YouTube. If you have a physical product include the photo/video-sharing service Instagram. Before long you should start seeing increased traffic to your website and, if your content is targeted and relevant, it will generate more qualified business leads.

As a leader in your field you already have the content, so share it!

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