Celebrating my CIM Dip & CIM Cert with Digital Strategy

CIM Event at Titanic Hotel Belfast

My husband and I are celebrating my CIM Dip & CIM Cert (6 exams, 4 distinctions and 2 merits) – it is a double celebration as exams have been the least of my worries!

When I started the Chartered Institute of Marketing everything was going well but on New Years’ day I found a lump. It was breast cancer. Over the next three years I had 6 operations and 10 months of chemotherapy. I dragged myself into the classes wearing my wig. I was self-conscious but Hilary Scott made me feel at ease.

Thanks to the support of my family and the outstanding breast cancer unit at the Ulster hospital, I am now 100% healthy. Thanks also to my clients, CMQ Communications continues to grow.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so please check yourself or make an appointment for a mammogram.

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